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Student Transfer Between Work Study and Non-Work Study


A transfer should be completed when a student is being moved between a student employment and a work study position.  A transfer may also be used when a student is moving between two areas of the same department. 

Current Process



All Deadlines

2 weeks before the end of the pay period (exception would be August and September- 4 weeks before the end of the pay period)

For pay period end dates see the Payroll Timekeeper and Approver Schedule.

  • Department verifies type of work study award for student (student prints screen from LoboWeb)
  • Department complete Electronic Personnel Action Notice (ePan) – be sure to indicate that the position is a work study position (Type of student in section A)
  • Department obtains needed signatures and sends to the Student Employment Office. (Fax 277-6925)
  • Employment area verifies student work study eligibility, enrollment, and requirements; approves ePan
  • Department checks their ePrint reports (PZROEMA) to verify that the student is in the system under correct position (WS or SE).
Related Policies and Guidelines
Forms Required

To be completed by Department:

  • ePAN with Supervisor's signature

To be monitored by Supervisors and Students:

Additional Information

Last updated: December 11,2014