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Student Promotion


Promotions may be completed when a student is assigned additional responsibilities OR when there is a title change.  

Current Process

Promotions must be processed through UNM Jobs. 


All Deadlines

2 weeks before the end of the pay period (exception would be August and September- 4 weeks before the end of the pay period)

For pay period end dates see the Payroll Timekeeper and Approver Schedule.

  • Department verifies Customer Service Training has been completed by the student (ask student)
  • Department Originator begins Hiring Proposal (HP) – be sure to indicate that the position is a student employment position or a work study position (Appointment Type)
  • HP completed by Department Originator and submitted to Department Approver
  • Department Approver submits HP to Dean/Director (if applicable)
  • Department Approver or Dean/Director submits HP to Employment Area
  • Employment area verifies student, enrollment, and requirements; approves HP
  • Department checks status of HP by reading Employment Area comments
  • Department checks their "Current Active Employee" report in HR Reports to verify that the student’s promotion is processed.
Related Policies and Guidelines
Forms Required

To be completed by Department:

  • Hiring Proposal
  • Department Approver and/or Dean/Director routes to Employment Area

To be completed by the Student:

  • No paperwork is required from the student as long as all documentation is current. (I9 may be required if current form has expired).
  • The Student Employment Office will notify you if a new I-9 is required
Additional Information

Last updated: November 18,2014