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Org Code Change for Faculty (EPAF)


Employees are primarily associated with organizations (departments) in two ways in the Banner HR/Payroll system:

  1. As a time keeping or “Hiring Organization”
    • The “Hiring Organization” directly associates an employee with a Department for each job they have at the University, independent of the index.

      It answers the question, “Which Department do I work for?”, and is also the organization that determines the area responsible for an employee’s time entry.

      As an example, it is possible that an employee is assigned to Human Resources (hiring org) but is paid by Information Technologies (IT) project funds. Designation of an employee’s timekeep/hiring organization will be extremely important in establishing an organization that will handle time entry.

  2. As an index related “Funding Organization”
    • The “Funding Organization” represents the unit of budgetary responsibility that provides fiscal management for that index. It answers the question, “Which Department pays for the employee?”

Besides time entry, there are other implications for a Hiring Org. It is expected that the Hiring Org associated with an employee will drive:

  • Directory Listings
  • Mail Stop Code for physical mail delivery
  • Groupings for Budget Development and Mass Salary Update
  • Groupings for Reports on Employees
  • Groupings for system security
  • Job Postings
Current Process

See the Org Code Change EPAF for Faculty job aid.


All Deadlines

15 business days prior to effective date.


See current process



Related Policies and Guidelines

To request a new ORG Code (be sure to add hiring org attribute).

Org Code Edit Request Form (use this form to add or remove a hiring org attribute).

Additional ORG Information can be found in the ePRINT Report (PZRORGH)

Forms Required

No forms required. Must be completed through the EPAF process. The originator may attach supporting documents to the EPAF.

Additional Information

UAPPM #2000, Responsibility and Accountability for University Information and Transactions

Last updated: August 18,2014