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How to Terminate a Teaching Associate (TAssoc) Contract – student worked but assignment ends prior to original end date on contract


If the student worked as a TAssoc but the assignment will be ending prior to the original end date, the termination effective date will be the last day the student worked. The hiring department is responsible for determining this date. Partial payment of stipend will be issued based on the number of weeks actually worked during the contract period. Upon receipt of the terminated Assistantship Form, OGS will calculate the prorated stipend amount.

Current Process

All assistantship terminations must be processed through OGS via the assistantship system. Assistantships are not processed through UNMJobs.


All Deadlines

Assistantship Form with signatures must be received at OGS 15 business days prior to termination effective date. Failure to meet this deadline will result in overpayment to the student.

  1. Locate the appropriate contract record on the OGS Contracts website and click “Edit”;
  2. Fill out the “Terminate Information” box near the top of the screen, including effective date, reason, and address to send W-2 (if available), then scroll down and click “Submit.” DO NOT change any other information on the contract;
  3. Print the Assistantship Form and gather the necessary signatures;
  4. Submit signed hard copy of Assistantship Form to OGS for approval and processing.
Related Policies and Guidelines

Policy for the Administration of Assistantships

Forms Required

Signed hard copy of Assistantship Form with terminate information included.

Additional Information

If the student is not available to sign the terminated Assistantship Form, the director/department chair’s signature alone will be sufficient. A letter of resignation is not required.

Last updated: April 5,2013