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How do I separate a student during probation?


A department may terminate a student during the 60 day probation period.  Departments may contact the Student Employment Office to verify student's start date before terminating a student for this reason. 

If the student probation date has passed, the department should follow the progressive discipline process as outlined in the Student Employment Handbook.

If you are unsure on how to proceed with an involuntary separation, please contact the Student Employment Manager at 277-6936 for guidance.

Current Process

Separation EPAF (Separation during Probation)


All Deadlines

2 weeks before the end of the pay period (exception would be August and September- 4 weeks before the end of the pay period)


Separation EPAF (Separation during Probation)



Related Policies and Guidelines
Forms Required

To be completed by Department:

  • Separation EPAF (Separation during Probation)
Additional Information

Last updated: November 17,2014