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How do I process a student discharged for cause?


When a student is terminated for cause.  Student employees may be involuntarily dismissed from their position if they:  Fail to perform in a satisfactory manner;   Commit a major offense such as for example, theft, gross misconduct or gross insubordination.

Note: Students may be immediately dismissed with no prior notice for committing any of these actions.

If a student is involuntarily terminated, a student has the option of pursuing the issue as outlined in the student employment grievance procedure in the Student Employment Handbook.

Current Process

This employment transaction should be processed via Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF). In order to process transactions via EPAF please complete the required EPAF training.

EPAF Separation (Discharge for Cause)


All Deadlines

2 weeks before the end of the pay period (exception would be August and September- 4 weeks before the end of the pay period)


EPAF Separation (Discharge for Cause)

Related Policies and Guidelines
Forms Required

To be completed by Department:

  • EPAF Separation (Discharge for Cause)
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Last updated: November 17,2014