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How do I Extend a Work Study Student?


A work study assignment is a temporary position that has a defined end date depending on the student's financial aid award. Most awards are for the academic year (fall/spring), but some students may have spring only, fall only, or summer awards.  Awards for the full academic year normally end on the last day of spring classes however, students may be administratively terminated for eligibility reasons or when they exhaust their work study award.

A work study assignment may be extended as long as the student has a current work study award and meets eligibility requirements.  Extension may be used for currently employed students or students with a break of employment of three (3) months or less.  Students with a break of greater than three (3) months must be hired through UNMJobs. 

Current Process

This employment transaction should be processed via Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF).  In order to process transactions via EPAF, please complete the required EPAF training through Learning Central  (Understanding the EPAF Process). 


All Deadlines

2 weeks before the end of the pay period (exception would be August and September- 4 weeks before the end of the pay period)

For pay period end dates see the Payroll Timekeeper and Approver Schedule.

Related Policies and Guidelines
Forms Required

To be completed by Department:

  • EPAF

To be monitored by Supervisors and Students:

Additional Information

Department administrators, accountants, hiring officials, and supervisor should subscribe to the Student Employment Listserv.

Last updated: November 17,2014