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Faculty Extend Visiting Appointment


Visiting faculty are temporary appointments that shall not lead to tenure and shall not exceed a total of three consecutive years.

Current Process

Requests are turned in to the appropriate Employment Area (EA):

  • Main and Branch Campuses - Faculty Contracts and Services Office
  • School of Medicine - SOM Office of Academic Affairs
  • College of Nursing - HSC Faculty Contracts Office¬†
  • College of Pharmacy - HSC Faculty Contracts Office

All Deadlines

Complete extension paperwork should reach the Employment Area (EA) no later than the 7th of the month.


Complete extension paperwork should reach the Employment Area (EA) no later than the 7th of the month for processing.

  • Justification memorandum for visiting extension
  • Contract Memo (Main Campus), SOM1 (School of Medicine) or Faculty Form (College of Pharmacy & College of Nursing)
Related Policies and Guidelines

The titles of visiting lecturer, visiting instructor, visiting assistant professor, visiting associate professor, and visiting professor are appropriate for persons who are employed to teach on a non-permanent basis. Qualifications are the same as for the corresponding ranks and titles.

Forms Required

Forms Required to Complete Hire:

  • Justification for visiting extension
  • Signed Faculty Contract
Additional Information

For additional questions and information, please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity at 277-5251 or the appropriate Faculty Contract Office: Main and Branch Campuses FCSO: 277-4528 or Health Science Center FCO: 272-4231 or School of Medicine Office of Academic Affairs: 272-8268.

Last updated: August 29,2013